Dec 10, 2016

OPTOM brings Quality Image for Vision Perfection

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Anchoring The Qiblat Walk in Putrajaya,
 in particular The Mihrab, became a key part of the identity process.
 The founder spent time with OPTOM, walking the streets and observing
 their architectural influences, that would later become
 such an integral part of the identity.

Inspired by the gigantic wrought-iron Mihrab
 found at Putrajaya's Qiblat walk, we created an identity rich in heritage
 with strong geographical and architectural ties. Since 707-9 The Mihrab
 had become an arched doorway or a passage which appears to be a
 concave shape. Fashioned mansory, a semicircular niche located
 in the wall of any mosques that indicates the Qibla.

Optom’s Mihrab symbolizes the relationship between the heart
 and the eye is like of the relationship between the house and it's door.
 Be aware with what gets in through the door of your eyes. It is an identity that
 brings quality image for vision perfection.

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