Sep 23, 2011

The New Islamic Novel for Children : 'MEGA, LOLI & CHOKI'.

 Alhamdulillah ... finally the work of the awaited debut has been published. Recalling the entry 'Mega Future Rising' (Mega Bakal Terbit), finally a dream to see this work being published become a reality. A new Islamic novel for children with rich stories of exemplary method of storytelling through creative and relaxed.

 Latest novel, 'MEGA, LILO & CHOKI'  by MUST READ SDN BHD  is loaded with useful  info for educating young children about the information of few animals in the world.

 A variety of interesting characters that have been arranged in easy way of writing to understand. Available to read by the whole family.

Synopsis :

 Mega likes to  rear animals. He considers a cat, Loli as his good friend. In fact, he feels he can communicate with animals.

 A unique pet competition has brought him to Sabah in order to search for unique animals. In Sabah, Mega has been lost in the jungle. During the incident, Mega has met with the Orang Utan, Choki and his friends.

 As a result of Mega determination to find unique pets and the incident he lost in the jungle of Sabah, Mega’s father been trying to find animals that are unique to Mega.

 Can he find the unique animals for Mega? Does Mega win the competition?


Category: Novel for children.

Peninsular Price: RM16.90

Price Sabah / Sarawak: RM19.90

Pages: 221

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Contact: 03-41431611 (Puan Zaida)

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cerita untuk budak2 yg sgt bagus :)